Eid Decoration Ideas

Muslims can decorate their homes with anything that has a festive nature such as lights, tinsel and balloons. However they should be cautious that the only exceptions to this should be to stay away from items such as items that may bring about a conflict of interest such as idols or items that have a praiseworthy status in other religions. Otherwise everything is fair game.

Ideas can include

  • Decorative table cloths : Useful for making that kitchen table enticing before the food gets laid!)
  • Balloons and lights: Who doesn’t like balloons and lights? These are generally associated with moments of happiness and celebration so light up your home
  • Banners/ photos (halal ones!)/calligraphy: It is Eid after all, so something meaningful in a frame could set the mood and tone of the room quite nicely
  • A marquee in your garden: Sometimes it might be easier to get your loved ones out in the open so maybe think of hosting your next eid feast in a tent!
  • Decorative pillow cases for the sofa

So take our challenge this year and decorate your home for Eid!

And from us in advance Eid Mubarak!

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