How to do wudu at work ?

Do I need to do wudu at work?

Yes it is compulsory according to Islamic teachings to ensure that a person is in a state of purity before they begin the prayer.

The evidence for this can be found in the following hadith:

Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Allaah does not accept any prayer if a person breaks his wudoo’, until he does wudoo’.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari)

Where can I do wudu at work?

To be quite frank, anywhere that has a sink. but generally this will mean a shower area or toilet.

What do I do if people look at me funny whilst doing wudu?

There is nothing to be embarrassed about as you are not doing anything wrong. You are in fact cleaning your body so that you are in a state of purity so can you can stand in front of God to pray. But with that being said, there is a fine line between practicing your religious rituals in front of people who may be unfamiliar with them and totally giving them a scare.

You always be considerate of your environment and that includes being sure that what you do doesn’t unnecessarily annoy or offend people.

Here are some definite no-nos on what not to do when doing wudu in a toilet at work:

  • Start making loud gurgling and throat clearing noises that will make people think you are drowning
  • Do not turn the toilet into a swimming pool, remember that other people use these facilities and many of them non-muslim. So it is important to ensure that even if you have dropped some water on the ground, then be sure to clean it up as a muslim should be clean (as should their surroundings)
  • Don’t get in peoples’ way. It is important to understand that wudu will generally take longer than how long it takes the average person to wash their hands at the sink. So be sure to show a bit of consideration and use a sink that is not the nearest to the toilet exit!

How can I wash my feet at work?

If you left your house in a state of purity i.e you had completed your wudu or ghusl and put your socks on before you were next no longer in a state of purity then no, you do not have to wash your feet at work.

Instead you will be able to wipe over your socks or shoes depending on which one you are intending to pray in. You can continue to wipe over your socks for the period of 24 hours (after your wudu is nullified) if you are not travelling and 3 days if you are a traveller.

The other conditions that need to be satisfied regarding this matter are as follows:

  • Socks or stockings must be thick and not transparent so that water does not seep through when wiped over.
  • Socks must cover both the upper and the lower parts of the feet up to the ankle bones.
  • If you take off your socks then you need to wash your feet the next time you do wudu.