Islamic Calendar Months

The Islamic calendar, unlike the commonly used Gregorian calendar is based on the moon. However it still consists of 12 months within 1 year and have either 354 or 355 days (depending on whether there was a leap year).

The calendar is used to determine the appropriate timing of the Islamic rituals and events such as Eid, Ramadan and Hajj.

1. Muharram

Events: Prior To Islam

  • Prophet Adam (pbuh) was born and entered the Paradise on 10th of Muharram.
  • Prophet Ayyub (pbuh) was cured from his illness.
  • Prophet Suleman (pbuh) was ordained King.
  • The oceans and heavens were created (Tanbihul-Gaafileen)

During Islam

  • Shaykhain Tirmizi & Haakim has narrated from Anas (R.A) that the following verse:

“Allah may forgive thee of thy sins that which is past and that which is to come . . .”
(Qur’an Al-Fath 48:2)

  • Hadhrat Hussain (R.A.) was martyred in this month.
  • Qiyaamah will take place on the 10th of Muharram.

2. Safar


  • Khubaib Ibn Adey (R.A.) was martyred in Safar in the year 4 A.H. in Makkah.
  • The Battle of Abwaa took place on 12th of Safar in the year 2 A.H.
    Hadhrat Ali (R A ) married Prophet PBUHdaughter Hadhrat Fatima (R.A.) in the latter days of Safar 2 A.H.
  • Zaid Ibn Dathina (RA) was martyred in this month in the year 4 A.H. in Makkah.

3. Rabi-Al-Awwal


  • The Holy Prophet PBUH migrated from Makkah to Madinah Munawwarah.
  • Battle of Buwaat took place in the year 2 A.H.
  • The Holy Prophet PBUHwas born in this month as mercy for all and departed from this world 63 years later.
  • Battle of Saf’vaan took place in the year 2 A.H.
  • Abu Bakr’s(R. A) daughter, Asma (R.A.) was born 6 years before Prophecy.
  • Ruqayyah (R. A.) the daughter of the beloved Prophet PBUHwas born 7 years before Prophecy.
  • Abu Bakr (RA.) was appointed Caliph.

4. Rabi-Al-Thani


  • Hadrat Khwaja Nizamuddin- 18th Rabi-ul-Akhir: 725 Hijri.  Hadrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilanee- 11th Rabi-ul-akhir: 561 Hijri passed away at the age of 90
  • Battle of Furu’ from Buhraan took place in 3 A.H  Sariyyah-Battle in which the Holy
  • Prophet PBUHdid not take part in, instead he consigned one of his Companions as the colonel.
  • The consigned: Sariyyah Ali Ibn Abi Talib in the 9th Hijri.  Sariyyah-Ibn Alqamah Mujaazziz Mudlejee.

5. Jumada-Al-Awwal


  • The Battle “Moota” took place in 8 A.H.  A war against infidels in which th Holy Prophet PBUHdid not participate.  Th battle is named after a famous city in Syria (Moota).  Hadrat Zaid Ibn Haritha (R.A) was the first appointed General by the Holy Prophet PBUH
  • In the same Battle Hadrat Khalid ibn Walid (fourth general of the Battle of Moota) was proclaimed by the Holy Prophet PBUHas being “one of the swords of Allah”.
  • The Holy Prophet PBUHmarried his first beloved wife; Hadrat Khadijah (R.A) 15 years prior to Prophecy.

6. Jumada-Al-Thani


  • Battle of Salaasil took place in 8 A.H.
  • Abu Salama (R.A) died in the year 4 A.H.

7. Rajab


  • The Holy Prophet PBHUascended to Heaven on the 27th of Rajab on either Sunday or Monday (Mi’raaj).
  • Hadhrat Bilal Ibn Haritha (R.A) brought a congregation of four hundred men named Banu Muzeena in the presence of the Holy Prophet PBHU.  They all embraced Islam and became followers of the Holy Prophet PBHUin the year 5 A.H
  • The battle of Tabook took place in the year 9 A.H. This was the last battle in which the Holy Prophet PBHU
  • The second Oath of Aqabah took place in Rajab, 12 A.H.

8. Shaban


  • “Laila-tul Baraa’at (Night of forgiveness) the fifteenth night of Shaban.
  • The birth of the Prophet’s PBHUgrandson Hadhrat Hussain (R.A.) took place, four years on the fifth of Shaban.
  • “Qibla”, the direction to be adopted within salaah, was reverted back to the “Ka’aba” in Makkah (after being coverted to Baitul Muqaddas in Jerusalem for a short period of time).  This took place two years after Hijraah on the 15th of Shaban.
    Three years A.H.
  • Hadhrat Hafsa (R.A) was joined in matrimony with the Prophet PBHU.
  • Fasting in the blessed month of Ramadan was made compulsory in the year 2 A.H. on the 25th of Shaban.
  • In this very month forty two years later Hadhrat Hafsa (R.A) took leave from this world.
  • The daughter of the beloved Prophet PBHUUmme Kulthum (R.A.) took leave from this world, in the 9 A.H.
  • The battle of Banu Mustaliq took place in Shaban.
  • During the above mentioned battle, the “Aayah of Tayammum” (Purifying with sand before salaah) was revealed, in the year 5 A.H.

9. Ramadan


  • Victory of Makkah took place on 18th of Ramadan in the year 8 A.H.
  • Qur’an was revealed on the 27th night of Ramadan from the “Lauhe Mahfooz” (on 7th heaven) to 1st heaven.
  • Hadhrat Hasan (R.A.), Holy Prophet PBHUgrandson was born on 15th of Ramadan, three years after Hijrah.
  • The first Battle in the Islamic History, “BATTLE OF BADR” took place on the 12th of Ramadan in year 2 A.H.
  • Hadhrat Zainab Bint Khuzaima’s (R.A.) marriage took place in the year 3 A.H. to the Holy Prophet PBUH.
  • Hadhrat Sawdah (R.A) was married in year 10 A.H. to the Holy Prophet PBUH.

10. Shawwal


  • The battle of Uhud also took place in Shawwaal, three years after Hijrah.
  • Hadhrat Aa’ishah Siddiqah (R.A.) was married to Holy Prophet PBUH in Shawwal, 10 years after Prophethood which is 3 years before Hijrah.
  • Imam Bukhari (R.A.) was born on a Friday of Shawwaal in the year 194 A.H.
  • Hadhrat Aa’ishah Siddiqah (R.A) was born in Shawwal, 4 years after Prophethood and 9 years before Hijrah.
  • Hadhrat Hussain (R.A) Holy Prophet’s PBUHgrandson (son of Hadhrat Fatima R.A.) was born in the month of Shawwaal 4 years after Hijrah.
  • The Holy Prophet PBUHmarried Hadhrat Umme Salamah (R.A.) in Shawwal in the 4 year after Hijrah.
  • The fight between Banu Qaynaqaa took place between the battle of Badr and Uhud, Shawwal 2 A.H. after Hijrah.
  • Hadhrat Aa’ishah Siddiqah’s (R.A) mother passed away in year 5 A.H.
  • The Holy Prophet’s PBUHuncle Abu Talib departed from this world in the middle of Shawwal in the year 5 A.H.

11. Zul-Qa’dah 


  • In the year 6 A.H.-Truce of Hudaubiyah.
  • The return to Makkah for Umrah by Holy Prophet PBUHand his Companions in the year 7 A.H.
    In the year 6 A.H ‘Bay’at-e-Rizwaan’ (The oath of allegiance named Rizwaan).
  • The battle of ‘khandaq (trench) or Ahzab’ took place in the year 5 A.H.

12. Zul-Hijjah


  • The Prophet PBUH performed the farewell Hajj and gave the historic fare well sermon.
  • Uthmaan (R.A.) was appointed the third Caliph
  • “Bay’ate-Aqabah”
  • Egypt was conquered by the army sent by Hadhart Umar (R.A.)
  • Hadhrat Fatimah (R.A.) was married in this holy month to the fourth Caliph Hadhrat Ali (R.A.)