What is Attar?

Rose oil, well known as attar of rose, attar of roses or rose essence is the essential oil extracted from the heart of sweet smelling, lovely petals of various types of the rose family. Despite being very expensive due to an intricate process of organic synthesis, rose oils are still perhaps the most widely used essential oil extracted in the art of perfumery. Attar comes in many varieties which can be used during different occasions, gatherings and functions in a yearly span.

How To Apply Attar?

Attars are believed to hold special medicinal effects. They are thought to be a therapeutic gift to calm the body and nurture an ailing mind. Physiologically, they are largely categorized based on their influence and effects on the human body.

When Do You Use Attar?

Attars are mostly used due to their cooling effect on mind, body and soul. They are used to elicit a calming bodily response when subjected to different seasons, environments and mood states. It is also used as a worthy, handy asset in herbal studies of natural medicine.

What are the Different Types of Attar?

Attars are classified as warm and cold by their effects on the human body.
Warm attars like musk, amber and saffron are used in freezing winter spells. They are believed to generate and increase body heat and temperature. Similarly, cool examples of attars such as rose, jasmine, khus, kewra and mogra are used in sweltering heat of the summer season to produce a cooling effect on the body.

A few examples of the warm Attar include Amber, Musk, Oud, and Saffron leaves since centuries practice of attar synthesis. They were used to combat the coldness of the body temperature during coldest times of a year. Cool Attars were adorned in the summer season to bring some freshening effect on the body and calmly tone the exhausted mind.

What is the difference between attar and an essential oil?

Attars are usually made by juicing and distilling various flowers in certain specific proportions. Netting their essences, they are immersed in fixed oils such as sandalwood essential oil. Before being packaged and sold off for commercial purposes, they are deeply matured in maturing units. Mostly, attars are ascribed with fanciful names to glorify its use. Every associated company has its own signature recipes and formulations to create the mystic scents of attar guarding their methodology.
On the other hand, essential oils are hydro- distilled or steam distillates from aromatic plants or plant parts containing steam volatile compounds. They can be isolated using a number of different chemical processes.

The chief difference between attar and perfume

Traditionally manufactured, attars are simply steam distillates of blended rose petals and sandalwood oils. Perfumes are synthesized differently using alcohol as a base substance along with natural and chemical ingredients both commonly marketed as EDP.

Henceforth, attar is a centuries old art of donning natural scents. It smells ethereal and its quaint feeling is inimitable when it comes to be compared to the likes of ordinary EDP perfumes made by artificial ingredients.