What is Ihram ?

Ihram is the physical and mental state that is done solely for the sake of God and not for worldly gains or recognition from others.

When do muslims wear Ihram?

Prior to beginning the Hajj muslims must purify their intentions as well as themselves externally.

Ihram for Men and Women

Men : The men must groom themselves (i.e. comb and trim their hair, trim nails and remove unwanted body hair) and then perform ablution with the intention of performing Ihram. They must then clothe themselves in two clean, plain sheets (one to wrap around the waist and the other that goes over the top of the body). This attire is followed by all muslim men
performing Hajj and signifies the equality of everyone.

Women : Females must also groom themselves and avoid putting on makeup or other cosmetics that will enhance/beautify their appearance. Unlike the male Ihram, there is no prescribed clothing for women to wear during Hajj. The only requirement is that the clothes should be clean and modest.

How to wear Ihram?


For men there are two pieces of cloth.

Cloth 1: The waist down

Take the cloth and wrap it around your waist (similarly to how you would a towel when you come out of the shower).
Once you have wrapped all of the cloth around your waist, take the top part of the cloth (around your waist) and fold it over itself a few times. This will act as support in order to keep the cloth on the waist. You may wish to take a piece of string and then tie this under the folds you’ve just made for added support.

Cloth 2: Over the upper body (except the right arm and shoulder)

Take the cloth and cover your back with an equal amount held in each arm.Let the cloth hang over your chest. Take your right arm and shoulder out from under the cloth and wrap the cloth under your right arm across towards your left shoulder.


For women the process of wearing a loose dress is quite straightforward.

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